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New in the Shop

The Hellebores are out in the garden. We started a very small hellebore garden last year and now we have two baby hellebores trying to keep up with their blossoming parents. We have them under a big craggy lilac with some lucky clover against a backdrop of rhododendrons (that thankfully didn’t get flooded in the winter rains). The lilac and the rhodos are in bud but the lucky clover isn’t sure it wants to come out quite yet.

Evenings are brighter and it’s much easier to fight the urge to hunker down and binge watch The After Party on Apple + . Instead, we're spending more time cooking together and luxuriating in the time it takes to eat our evening meal. We're even entertaining the idea of dining al fresco for the first time this year.

Most importantly; we’re back in the shop. Five days a week, at least one of us is back at the lathe/razortip while the other continues with some much needed renovations on our home. It feels good to be creating our pieces again. Renovations have been comforting on a practical level, but turning and burning our bowls fulfills something deeper, it gives us a renewed sense of purpose - and a more regular pay cheque.

Spring has sprung so here are a few new pieces that have been brewing in the studio.


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