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The Games we Play

C and I love board games. With the right group of people, or just the two of us, playing board games can be the centre of a really fun relaxed get together, full of chatter and laughter.


Every once in a while, a game can turn a little too competitive, or a strategic play can feel a bit like a personal assault. These little hints of bitterness can adversely flavour an otherwise good evening. C didn’t grow up with board games and she can get a little squirrelly when there’s a chance she might lose the game (Don’t make her competitive. You wouldn’t like her when she’s competitive.) We almost always play co-operative board games now.

Co-operative board games unite the players as a team, competing against the game itself. Players are rewarded for effective communication, altruism and group strategy. Also they can be really exciting (nail-bitingly close finishes are common), encourage great conversation and laughter.

We have our favourites and they range from simple 20 minute to half hour games, to head-scratching, complex, multi-hour games. There’s something for everyone and pretty much any game playing situation.

One of the best things about this kind of game is they are so easy to teach to new players. Because they are co-operative, there are usually very few secrets kept from the rest of the team. In fact, the more you know about the other players’ cards and ‘abilities’ the better you can plan as a group.

This often means that a new player can jump right into the game - learning as they go. They get help from the rest of the team during the first couple of turns, then it’s great to watch them click-in and get carried away with it in a matter of a few minutes. So much fun! We even have a couple of ‘gateway games’ to help introduce new friends to the concept.

We’ll talk about some of these games that have caught our imaginations. Just keep checking in and let us know what you think.

Have you played any co-op games? Which are your favourites?

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